...I've always been an artist ... my earliest memories are of painting both the world I saw around me and scenes from my imagination... I always knew from childhood that's what I'd be doing with my life.  Since then drawing and painting has always been like opening a door for me to adventure to places where everything is possible.  About seven years ago my artwork took a turn in the direction of the paintings that have become these cards... what I call Spirit Paintings... they coincided with a time of my own personal transformation and served as my way to connect to Spirit and help me through some of the most challenging times of my own healing journey. The Spirit Cards cards are the culmination of these last 7 years. They stand apart from most Oracle Card decks in that these were purely visual art first, rather than illustrations, and so work specifically on that level.. of transmission of energy just in the viewing of them. I made the deck as a large format for that reason.. they are meant to be meditated on and seen and  felt on a visceral level and in the heart. Of course there are writings and guided meditations that go with each card too. These cards exist to bless and empower you by bringing in a high vibration helping you to align and connect to your higher-self... and pass through the doorway to an amazing place where everything is possible. 

Much love,